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Enjoy the benefits of a backyard hive without ever breaking a sweat! Adding a beehive to your garden not only makes for a beautiful focal point, but also brings many benefits including increased pollination and a one-of-a-kind honey. The best part? We do all the work for you! Our services include site evaluation, hive installation and an ongoing maintenance plan. We can customize any plan to meet your specific needs.

Do you have an interest in learning to manage the hive yourself?

Many new beekeepers feel intimidated and want extra support in their first few years. Our maintenance plan is an excellent way to ease yourself into beekeeping. We recommend you start by taking the Intro to Beekeeping class. Then you can use the maintenance appointments as an opportunity to shadow an experienced beekeeper. As you learn, your bees will receive expert care and the best chance at survival.

Still have questions?

Visit our FAQ section or send us an email.

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