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There is no charge to visit Sycamore Creek Apiary, however, please visit only when we are open to the public. We post these dates and times on our home page and on our social media accounts. Please review our Bee Yard Rules carefully prior to visiting.


Directions and Parking

  1. Our address is 8432 Benadum Rd. Carroll, Ohio 43112.

  2. Please park just beyond the apple trees.

  3. Check in with our staff at the Honey Hut to let them know you are on the
    property, and to learn more about any special events or activities scheduled
    for the day.


Bee Yard Rules

  1. Absolutely no one under the age of 18 shall enter the Bee Yard without direct supervision of an adult.

  2. If you have a known allergy to bee stings, do not enter the Bee Yard under any circumstances. All who enter the Bee Yard do so at their own risk.

  3. No running.

  4. No throwing any objects.

  5. No swatting. If a bee flies near you or lands on you, breathe slowly, and slowly walk away.

  6. Do not tap, hit, knock or kick the hives or the hive stands.

  7. When walking through the Bee Forage area, stay on the grass path. Do not enter the sanctuary.

  8. No littering.

  9. Do not stand at the front entrance of the hives. This is where they take off and land (just like an airport landing strip). The bees will bump into you, are more likely to get caught in your hair, and are more likely to sting you.

  10. Please stay on the lower portion of the property between the Honey Hut and the Bee Forage Field.

  11. Do not enter Sycamore Creek, which runs from North to South through the Eastern portion of the property.



Additional Bee Yard Information to Make Your Visit Enjoyable

  • We have three dogs who have the run of the property. They enjoy attention, but also like to lick and jump. They also enjoy swimming in the creek, and enjoy shaking water on people. They are otherwise harmless, but if you are afraid of dogs, please beware.

  • Bees do not want to sting anyone, and they only do so when they are defending themselves or their hives. If they bump into you, that is a warning that they’d like you to move away from them. If this occurs, just slowly walk away.

  • Wear clothing that is light in color (not dark brown/black). Wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals).

  • Do not wear perfume or other scents. The bees might mistakenly think you are flowers.

  • Do not bring sugary drinks into the Bee Yard. The bees will think this is nectar.

  • There are no restrooms on the property, but there is a port-pot across the street at Zeller Park.

  • There are no accommodations for those who need mobile assistance.

  • We have groundhogs, possums, deer, racoons, and many other wild animals living on the property. Please watch your step for holes and droppings!

  • If you are part of an educational or governmental study, you must receive formal permission from the head beekeeper prior to entering the Bee Yard.

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