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Hungry honey bees visiting bird feeders

Honey bees take advantage of any food source after a long, cold winter, including bird feeders.


I found this question on Facebook being asked by multiple people so I thought it would make a good blog post.

After a long winter with the bees being stuck in the hive for months the first warm days of early spring the bees get out of the hive to relieve themselves but they are also looking for food. Stores are getting low in the hive so any chance to get out and forge they will take it. Since their primary food source (Tree pollen) is not yet ready bees will often be attracted to bird feeders and more specifically the cracked corn of bird feeders. Even though corn is not typical food for honey bees, they commonly will take advantage of this food source when the weather first breaks in the spring. Our daytime temperatures over the past couple days were high enough to allow bees to fly and search for food,

The bees collect the pollen-sized seed dust particles and yeast that are found in the cracked corn and other seeds we set out for our little feathered friend for which, I’m sure, the bees are extremely grateful. The bees will move on to their preferred food sources as spring flowers and trees begin to appear.

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