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Comb Honey

Comb Honey

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When you press into fresh comb honey there is no doubt you are getting the freshist honey possible. Utilizing special tools we are able to encourage our bees to build wax storage cells in these containers where they will store honey. When the honey has ripened to its ideal water content level the bees will cover each cell with a wax capping and it is ready to enjoy.


Unlike bottled honey where many hands would have touched, scraped, spun, scooped the honey into jars, the honey inside this container has never been touched by human hands. This is true honey directly from the bees as they were the very last to touch it. You can't get any closer to fresh than this.


    Fresh comb honey untouched by human hands directly from the bees to you.


    100% money back guarantee


    We ship to anywhere in the United States or you are welcome to come and pickup directly from our honey hut.

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